Description: Welcome to the Little Black Village Culture Club! This group is intended for anyone interested in enjoying cultural events, such as: the arts (dance, ballet, music, theatre, entertainment, and films) as well as other art forms (spoken word, short stories, stand up comedy) and more. If you are looking to explore the rich culture in Atlanta as well as the southern region, you have joined the right group. This group is open to singles, couples and families of all ages. From time to time, we may schedule a community service event or attend a function that involves servicing others. This will be an opportunity for you to invite your friends, family and neighbors to do something “outside the box.” It also follows the Little Black Village main mission of encouraging our youth and community to achieve higher education, self development, and international exposure. We are so glad you have joined this group. Also this is a small membership fee of $12.00 annually which new members has 30 days to pay after they join. This membership fee allows us to offer more creative activities and amenities.
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Little Black Village Culture Club
Credit: Dr. Roland Holou / DiasporaEngager


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