Description: Indonesian Diaspora in The Netherlands is an integral part of Indonesian Diaspora All Over The World. This is particularly true as since the first Congress of Indonesian Diaspora in Los Angeles from 6-8 July 2012, the Global Network of Indonesian Diaspora has been established, from which we are assigned as the Indonesian Diaspora Network Chapter NL. ​ We are those who were born in Indonesia or Indonesian descendants or those who love Indonesia, all living in Holland, with whatever nationalities, professions and social statuses, who would like to connect among them selves and with Indonesia through meaningful programs. To Diaspora, To Indonesia and To Indonesia and The Netherlands’, the Vision of IDN-NL is: 1) to be a hub for ideas, solutions, resources and networks for shared prosperity, and a force for peace and progress 2) to be an active role player in bridging the Netherlands and Indonesia 3) to be meaningful for Indonesia and Indonesian people through its honest thoughts and deeds, as to be reflected by its mission and programs.  Considering The Netherlands as one of the European countries that has a high level of achievements in those fields such as education, science and technology, business and economy, social policies and public services including health care, it is not surprising that IDN-NL is also involved actively in 7 topics related to those fields, to mention: 1) Medical Health Care 2) Liveable Cities 3) Immigration and Citizenship 4) Culinary 5) Youth & Education 6) Migrant Workers 7) Maluku And passively involved in 2 topics namely: 1) Business and investment 2) Aerospace
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Indonesian Diaspora in The Netherlands (IDN-NL)
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