Description: Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland (CANUK) is the umbrella body representing all Nigerians in the United Kingdom, CANUK’s mission is to Protect, Unify, and Empower Nigerians in the United Kingdom towards contributing to the growth and development of our host country, (the United Kingdom) and our motherland (Nigeria). During your visit to our site, do enjoy the various sections containing constantly updated information about CANUK’s far-reaching activities. The Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom (CANUK) is the largest Nigerian organization of its type in any part of the world and is the largest black community in the UK. It has a very rich history and was formed by the Nigerian communities in the UK and enabled by the Nigeria High Commission in the United Kingdom in recognition of the clear need to unite the hundreds of Nigerian societies, bodies, unions and associations under one all-embracing umbrella organization. CANUK was set up to ensure that the welfare, views, and community interests of Nigerians in the United Kingdom are represented in a harmonious and organized manner; thereby giving a common forum and united voice to an expression of pride and hope for a vibrant Nigerian community in the United Kingdom. The inspiration for the establishment and sustenance of CANUK is from the Nigeria High Commission and staff. The founding patron of CANUK was HE Dr Christopher Kolade CON, the former Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK (supported by the Head of Chancery of the mission at the time, Ambassador Hameed Opeloyeru). The mission is now by led by a seasoned statesman Dr Sarki Dalhatu Tafida OFR. CFR. and supported by very professional diplomats and staffs. The United Kingdom is regarded as one of the countries with the highest concentration of Nigerians outside of Nigeria and It has the largest Nigerian foreign mission in the world. In my role as CANUK chair, I attend at least 3 Nigerian community organised event in the UK on weekly basis. This suggests that Nigerians in the UK are perhaps one of the busiest migrant groups in the United Kingdom and the CANUK Chair position, perhaps one of the busiest unpaid roles in the world! CANUK is represented by 15 executives from different professional, cultural, regional, sporting, social, youth, women and other bodies who are volunteers and unpaid patriotic Nigerians who are committed to the promotion of Nigeria’s image abroad. This is to be expected. Wikipedia lists at least 90 countries of the world whose population are below the 2 million mark whereas Nigerians in the UK are believed to be over two million. The Nigerian community in the UK is indeed like a country within a country! Many Nigerians in the UK are highly talented, energetic, hardworking, well heeled and financially capable and are keen to contribute to the development of the United Kingdom where they live and to the development of their motherland Nigeria. These Nigerians will be celebrated on these web pages. CANUK currently represents over 200 different associations and other affiliate/associate members with its membership growing at a very fast pace and we envisage it will soon embrace the estimated over 2 million plus Nigerians resident in the United Kingdom. Beyond looking after the welfare interests of Nigerians in the UK, one of the other cardinal programmes of these executives is the massive mobilization of Nigerians in the UK. The complete and revolutionary restructuring of the community, which started when CANUK was established, continues. CANUK is work in progress and help; comments and assistance are welcome from members of the community on how to make CANUK more relevant to the community that we serve. Kindly contact us also for any other information or assistance not contained within this site regarding Nigerians in the United Kingdom.
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Central Association of Nigerians in the UK (CANUK )


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