Description: DWAK (Diaspora Welfare Association of Kenya) is informed by the need for pursue the well-being of each and every Kenyan worker who has been "effectively facilitated" to work in the diaspora. The needs and case for such kind of work has been broached in the homepage. However, there often other causative factors that border on human relations and the accepted nature of human interactions or settlements. As DWAK fraternity, we do realise that there is a need for each individual to prepare for such "relocations" and for individual member organizations to follow-up or take care of any "untoward eventualities" that may arise. As such, DWAK is a welfare body that caters for member organizations, individual beneficiaries (candidates) of our global placements and a relationship forum with various local and international authorities. In other words, DWAK is a measure of both self-care and self-regulation aimed at benefiting all the stakeholders. Our mission is primarily self-regulation to ensure our members exercise responsibility, transparency and fidelity to the ethics and Laws of the concerned countries. Beyond this, our mission is a cause for humanity in which we endeavour to better and or add value to the lives of those that we serve or relate with. DWAK's objectives are multiple and premised on the business and trade that is known as "international placements". Arising from our mission, our objectives are largely individual and collective welfare pursuits. For example, successful placements of candidates, placements, facilitating repatriations (if need be), research and data collections, lobbying Governments and other authorities, 'whistle-blowing' on matters of directly related matters, care of our membership and a welfare forum that meets regularly. We are therefore a convenience and convergence "shop" for both our members and clients (employers or candidates). The depth of our objects is disclosed in our 'Constitution document' and directly dictates our activities.
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Diaspora Welfare Association of Kenya (DWAK)
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