Description: Atlanta Gambian Emergency Relief Association (AGERA) was created to keep our community informed and engaged with the activities of AGERA. The site will feature the latest announcements of events and news that concern our community as well as discussion on how we can improve the community. We will also solicit suggestions on how to expand the features of the site to fit the needs of the community. The Atlanta-Gambia Emergency Relief Association is a non-profit community association. AGERA, as its acronym, is committed to create an emergency relief fund that will enable us to confront challenges within our community. AGERA shall serve all Gambians regardless of our religious, political and tribal-ethnic background. Mission: ?To create a community in which togetherness will be our motto and unity will be our passion. We at AGERA belief that by pulling our resources together, we can reach for the stars and move mountains.? Objectives: 1. Establish and maintain a vibrant and unified Atlanta community. 2. Preserve a healthy and a productive community by immediately providing emergency relief support to the needy. 3. Support and promote education by providing scholarships to those who clearly demonstrated a convincing commitment to graduate. 4. Interface with other non-profit making organizations, business organizations, the Atlanta city government to extract opportunities to improve the socio economic well-being of the members of our community. 5. Provide services and vital information related to both state and federal laws (IMMIGRATION) to improve the immigration status of its members.
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Atlanta Gambian Emergency Relief Association (AGERA)
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