Description: PROFILE: The Association of the Burundians Community of South Australia Inc. (ABCSA) is a non profit organisation incorporated in June 2005.The first few families settled in South Australia put ideas together to start the association. Today, the ABCSA Inc. has grown quickly and counts up to more than 800 members from about 200 Burundian families. The main objective of the association was to help Burundian members who came mostly from refugee background to settle and integrate well in South Australian Community. The Burundians intended to develop and achieve their financial dependence as quickly as possible while maintaining their culture, values and unity. Actually, 70% of Burundian people live in Northern councils of Adelaide City of Playford and Salisbury. Burundian community has about 60% female members while about 55% are less than 18 years of age. The main language spoken at home is Kirundi. However, few families speak Swahili and French and also other African dialects. At their arrival in South Australia, every Murundi over 18 years old has to attend 510 hours of English training while teenagers attend Adelaide Secondary School of English. Children go to Kindergarten and at five years old attend New Arrival Program English which help them to go to main stream program in Australian primary Schools. At this time, the ABCSA community has about six graduates who are either employed or self-employed and more than 15 undergraduate students. The Burundian community has also more that 10 Burundians who completed Certificate IV and Diploma at TafeSA. More than 40% mostly men in the Burundians community have a full or casual work in different industries. However, Burundians are known as the best volunteers by different organisations other than Burundian community such as Migrant Resource Centre of SA, Anglicare, Families SA, Secondary and Primary schools and others. The Burundian community has many different cultural groups dedicated to promote Burundians culture through dances such as Burundians drummers, Women cultural group dancers, Christian choirs. The community also has a soccer team ?Eagles? which helps to gather Burundians mainly youths and parents.
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Association of the Burundians Community of South Australia (ABCSA)
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