Description: About: Alliance Guinea was founded in the aftermath of the massacres of September 28, 2009 , a day when the military brutally cracked down on tens of thousands of unarmed pro-democracy protestors, killing at least 150 people, wounding over 1200, and viciously raping more than 100 women and girls. This alliance of Guineans and friends of Guinea was founded in honor of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice on that day and to promote what our sisters and brothers were fighting for: the right of all citizens to self-determination and fundamental human rights. Mission: To promote democracy, human rights, and unity in Guinea. Our Approach: A worldwide, nonpartisan forum for friends of Guinea of all nationalities and ethnicities to share information and promote powerful citizen action across networks. What we do: Advocate to governments, international organizations and agenda setters in support of democracy and human rights in Guinea. Serve as an objective resource to activists, journalists, human rights organizations, law clinics, international agencies and others investigating or promoting promoting democracy and human rights in Guinea. Conduct outreach and provide resources for groups wanting to raise awareness and promote activism in support of democracy and human rights in Guinea.
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