Description: Background: "Unity through Cultural Awareness". UNAA is the largest formal association of Ugandans in the Diaspora. The objective of the organization is to promote the social, cultural and economic advancement of the Ugandan Community in North America. Our native country Uganda became independent on October 9th 1962. So in the month of October, UNAA joins Uganda all over the world as we celebrate this milestone. Uganda which sits astride the equator in the heart of Africa is a perennially green country of assorted flora and fauna, where the sun rises to a misty morning over a country side blessed with rich fertile soils, irrigated by beautiful rivers and fresh water lakes and sets in its glorious gold over the snowcapped mountain peaks of the Ruwenzori. Ugandans are also some of the most welcoming people in the world; deeply steeped in cultural values and with a strong attachment to the Ugandan identity which forms the foundation of UNAA. Founded in 1988, UNAA is a private community organization by and for Ugandans and friends of Uganda in North America. Our emphasis is to stimulate and encourage nationwide acquaintance and fellowship among members. Expand your network, get involved and increase your skills and qualifications as a leader by volunteering to make a difference. MISSION: To bring together Ugandans now living in North America and create a platform on which they can network, share and experience Ugandan culture and the abundant opportunities of our new home.
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Ugandan North American Association


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