Description: 1 - What is SCAO? At Somali Community of Ohio (SCAO) we help immigrants who are seeking to create new lives in the Unties States. As an officially recognized 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization founded by Somali Community Immigrants in 1996. The Somali Community Association is a first grass-root Somali Organization in Ohio, which was the first to provide services to the Somali Community. 2 - Partners: Our Partners who are assisting us in reaching our goals are: The Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation; Franklin County; The City of Columbus; Columbus Police Department; Department of Health; The Columbus Foundation. 3 - Mission: Our mission is to advocate and promote self-sufficiency to the whole family through employment, education, cultural and social support and economic empowerment for immigrants. You are welcome regardless of color, race, ethnicity, religion, economic status and other distinctions. We server elders, working adults, youth and children for free. The Somali Community Association of Ohio relies on donations, fund raising and grants. We welcome community leaders and volunteers who understand that immigrants and new citizens are an important part of vitality that makes America great. You can get involved and help by making a donation to SCAO
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Somali Community Association of Ohio


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