Description: SACOMA was established in 2000 to support communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and those also in the United Kingdom many of whom are experiencing disadvantages, such as poverty, social isolation and discrimination. The charity empowers, informs and educates its members to enable them overcome disadvantages and social exclusion and effectively participate in the social and economic regeneration. 1 - Mission: SACOMA?s mission is working in a world where people are economically and socially independent and have good quality of life. We aim to increase the economic and social development of the community through broadened horizons and also add value to community development initiatives by introducing a new dimension through social entrepreneurship. Activities: SACOMA?s core service is the provision of Information Advice and Guidance (IA G) , and support through outreach, awareness creation, workforce development and enterprise. The IAG service is d eveloping into a specialised service to accommodate and engage the sensitivities of the hard to reach communities facing considerable barriers to allowing them to access available services to allow for their personal development. We want to make sure the target community who are living in poverty are able to tap into the wider labour market, especially industries which are traditionally difficult for them to access. We are interested in supporting the African migrant and BAME community into rewarding and sustainable life where they are empowered and know where to seek for further help by providing an IAG service which empowers beneficiaries to engage successfully with the mainstream service and the economic activities.
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Sahara Community Abroad (SACOMA)


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