Description: AFROTAK TV cyberNomads were founded in 2001 as cyberNomads, a politically independent initiative for political development in the fields of education, media, culture and ecology. We are based in Berlin but work nationally and internationally. We work for equal partnership in-between Africa and Europe, the emancipation of the African Diaspora Germany and the equality of women and men. Documenting, communicating and visualizing content of self determined initiatives for political education, media empowerment, liberation art and scientific African renaissance we aim at contributing to the architecture of an overall German-European culture that acknowledges its own power of defining the communication apparatus based on economic, political and cultural resources derived from a colonial past. Only the acknowledgment of an imperial, racist past and present can empower black and white Germany to step into a future that is deriving its strength from the spirit of Diversity and understanding of its people. AFROTAK TV cyberNomads is a platform for perspectives of Black Germans, Afro Europeans and African Diaspora Germany to complement the perspective of white experts and to correct it where necessary to draw a more realistic image of our world and contribute to an even ecological sustainable future
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