Description: Brain Drain: We are trying to convert brain drain to brain gain. Brain Drain is a process that has taken place over decades where African health care professionals have left for better places. This occurred because of economic and political conditions in their countries of origin. However, Africa is now a very vibrant and emerging market. Mobilizing Health Care Workers: Our organization has chosen to bring health care to one country at a time. In the west, we are starting with Ghana; in the east, we are starting with Tanzania; in the south, we choose Malawi; in central Africa, we are starting with Equatorial Guinea; and in the north, we choose Sudan. Guest Worker Program: Volunteers are to provide their own air fare to and from Africa. Accomodation, food and tranport will be provided by the host country. Currently we are working in Malawi. If you are interested in coming to Malawi, contact us at [email protected]
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