Description: The National Algerian Centre (?NAC?) C.I.C. is a social enterprise run on a ?not-for-profit? basis. We provide guided-support, training and services of all levels under four main axes: Study Courses & Workshops, Corporate Training, Travel & Tourism and Catering & Events. A ?Community-Interest-Company? is a new type of company structure which was established by the UK Government to add an ethical dimension to corporate law. The National Algerian Centre has chosen to run as a C.I.C. as our main work ethic is to work for the good of the community, particularly the Algerian community- though we are open to work with non-Algerian communities too. Established in the UK our staff has worked hard over the years to develop a strong network of collaborators in Algeria and the UK to plant a flag in the ground around which the NAC C.I.C. can build the infrastructure needed to help us achieve our mission and vision. MISSION: To be an inclusive organisation exceeding aspirations of local, national and international communities responding well to the changes in the social and economic demands of that region. GLOBAL VISION: To grow internationally offering a maximum of services at the click of a finger. To build a Centre as a focal establishment in the UK.
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National Algerian Centre (NAC)
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