Description: ORGANISATION PROFILE: The Hunter African Communities Council (HACC) is an inclusive charitable (not-for-profit), development-oriented non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to responding to the needs of the Australians of African origin in the Hunter region of New South Wales. HACC was incorporated as a non-profit organisation in 2007. The founding members of the organisation had the aim of creating a credible, inclusive and professionally governed organisation that advocates for the Australians of African origin. The organisation is advised by various community leaders and a consortium of service providers who are widely recognised for their interests in African community issues and development. The council's executive committee comprises of six talented individuals who work closely and in parneship with the community and various services orividers both state and private to develop inovative programs to develop social capital, measurable against a range of perfomance indicators. The HACC is in partnership and close consultaion with the Northern Settlement Services which is one of the largest and most reputable organisations in the region, servicing the settlement needs of various migrant communities. The NSS's services extend from the Hunter and Central Coast to the Northern Tablelands of New Soth Wales. The HACC like any other community organisation is governed by a constitution. Our Services: Interpretation, Education, Employment / Referral Services, Capcity Buidling, Cross cultural Communictations Services.
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Hunter African Communities Council (HACC)


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