Description: Africans are present in nearly every country on the planet. In the diaspora, Africans have produced thousands of newspapers and periodicals beginning in the nineteenth century. Unfortunately this potentially valuable resource is beyond the reach of scholars and others because of the absence of a comprehensive international documentation strategy for the collection, preservation, and access to these publications. The goal of the African Diaspora Press Project is to begin to address this vast task. The Project will follow the model developed by AFRICAN-AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS: A NATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHY.In order to begin to cover the African Diaspora, beyond North America which is covered in the above volume, the Project is actively seeking scholars in every country who can help identify the likely titles and related materials that will help to create an international, comparative history of Africans in the diaspora. The Project is in its infancy but over the 10-15 years that such an effort may take, hopes to provide valuable service to the scholarly community and beyond.
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African Diaspora Newspapers & Periodicals
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